Ruby In The Landscape – Centre Stage

Ruby is an integral part of my landscapes now.  She is great company when I travel to locations in the dark and wait for the light.  She loves to explore and kick up her heels and whilst I have always intended for her to be a small part of the image that I create, sometimes she just cant help herself…..she has to be centre stage!

20150125-_Q3A9597 blog

“Centre Stage”      © Sue Thomson 2015

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Ruby In The Landscape – The Melaleucas

“ Which of my photographs is my favourite?   The one I’m going to take tomorrow”. Imogen Cunningham

I have always loved this quote by Imogen Cunningham, a wonderful pioneer for women in photography.  It makes me think of the adventures to come today, tomorrow, next year, and the years beyond that.  And so it goes with Ruby In the Landscape, where will we go next!

We have been a little busy of late, hanging out at dog shows, where Ruby has been strutting her stuff in the show ring.   I am pleased to say that she has now earnt her Australian championship.   Of course, this will surely mean that her print sales will skyrocket as she is now putting champion paws in the landscape!

This image was taken a little while ago, at one of the few places on the Sunshine Coast where doggies are welcome.  Despite it being a pretty gloomy day, Ruby enjoyed running across the low tide puddles and chasing little crabs that were way too quick for her and kept disappearing into the sand.

The Melaleucas

“The Melaleucas”       © Sue Thomson 2013

We hope you discover and enjoy a new place this weekend!

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The 4 am Traveller

There is a sense of belonging and camaraderie amongst highway travellers at 4am.  Whilst most people are still tucked up in their comfy bed, fishermen, truck drivers, tradies and shift workers, are already up and on their way to where they need to go.

For a photographer who loves capturing the beauty of a sunrise, early morning travel is part of the gig.   I load my camera gear and music the night before and just need to make a cup of coffee, grab little Ruby, and we are on our way.

I always feel comfortable heading north on the Pacific Highway towards the Sunshine Coast and perhaps the most hazardous part of the trip is navigating the odd early morning reveller walking home upon leaving the city.  It must be a long lonely walk home for those who didnt keep enough money for a cab fare!

You can plan, but you are at whim of mother nature, when it comes to putting on a jaw-dropping show of light at sunrise.  Yesterday, my heart sank as I saw the bank of clouds sitting low on the horizon because that usually means ho hum images!.   I do like to keep an open mind though as every sunrise is unique and provides different opportunities.  Here are a few that I like from yesterday at Coolum.


 “Sunrise at Coolum”    © Sue Thomson 2013


“A Wave Of Direction”    © Sue Thomson 2013


“Shimmer”    © Sue Thomson 2013

I love abstracts…..this is my favourite!


“Four”    © Sue Thomson 2013


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