The 4 am Traveller

There is a sense of belonging and camaraderie amongst highway travellers at 4am.  Whilst most people are still tucked up in their comfy bed, fishermen, truck drivers, tradies and shift workers, are already up and on their way to where they need to go.

For a photographer who loves capturing the beauty of a sunrise, early morning travel is part of the gig.   I load my camera gear and music the night before and just need to make a cup of coffee, grab little Ruby, and we are on our way.

I always feel comfortable heading north on the Pacific Highway towards the Sunshine Coast and perhaps the most hazardous part of the trip is navigating the odd early morning reveller walking home upon leaving the city.  It must be a long lonely walk home for those who didnt keep enough money for a cab fare!

You can plan, but you are at whim of mother nature, when it comes to putting on a jaw-dropping show of light at sunrise.  Yesterday, my heart sank as I saw the bank of clouds sitting low on the horizon because that usually means ho hum images!.   I do like to keep an open mind though as every sunrise is unique and provides different opportunities.  Here are a few that I like from yesterday at Coolum.


 “Sunrise at Coolum”    © Sue Thomson 2013


“A Wave Of Direction”    © Sue Thomson 2013


“Shimmer”    © Sue Thomson 2013

I love abstracts…..this is my favourite!


“Four”    © Sue Thomson 2013


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  1. Beautiful images! I miss the Pacific Northwest. I miss the feeling of standing on the shore at high tide, as the freezing water stings your bare toes. Thanks for sharing these photos. 🙂 – Sonya

  2. It’s just the BEST time to be up & around I reckon, but as a photographer, I sometime end up in some very lonely, deserted places, which sadly is a bit risky for a woman on her own. My friends are always at me, about putting myself in dodgey places, but when you ask who’d like to be my buddy tomorrow morning at 4 am……

    • Thanks for your comment. I agree wholeheartedly and always try to be aware of my surroundings. LOL, I am always asking other photographers to come with me at 4am…but…no takers haha! Best time of the day!

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