The Winter Cowboy

Early one cold winter morning, five cowboys saddled up and rode out into the snow covered fields of the Black Hills of Northeastern Wyoming.
It is not often that a young Aussie lass, that would be me, has the chance to have real cowboys at her beck and call and shoot images. Not even a temperature of minus 30 degrees and a howling wind, could dampen my excitement.
After shooting for a while, I asked Tommy to go into the forest and then weave back out through the trees towards me. His horse spooked, he crashed through some branches, he cussed, he cussed very loudly, the snow dropped on to his hat…..and that was the shot I was after!
This image has won a number of international awards, including a Silver Award in the 2012 International Loupe Awards.

Winter in Wyoming Red Bubble

“Winter In Wyoming”     © Sue Thomson 2012

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One Thousand Moons

Did you know that there will be approximately 1000 new moons during your lifetime?

I came across this concept when attending an Eddie Soloway photography workshop in Santa Fe.  I had admired Eddie’s work for quite some time and his artistic interpretations of our natural world have been inspirational to me in developing my photographic seeing eye.

Eddie shared his story with us of how he had estimated, that if he was lucky, that he would see 1000 new moons during his lifetime and had decided to celebrate these moons as markings of time.  Some of his celebrations have included walking through fog-filled cornfields in the hill country of western Wisconsin, walking in moonlit alleys in Chicago and watching the new moon over Lake Michigan.  After our workshop he was planning to celebrate the next new moon with his son somewhere special on the west coast.

Super Moon in the Everglades

“Supermoon In The Everglades”    © Sue Thomson 2012

Santa Fe is an amazing desert town in New Mexico, with gorgeous adobe buildings and thousands of art galleries.  It is the third largest art market in the USA and I was privileged to wander through galleries such as Verve, the Monroe Gallery, the Georgia O’Keefe Museum and the Andrew Smith Gallery where I viewed beautiful Ansel Adams prints.  I didnt quite have the cash for an Ansel but I did purchase a series of postcards which I have displayed above my computer and provide inspiration to seek photographic excellence.

The workshop in Santa Fe was fantastic and holds extra special memories for me as I met three amazing ladies who live in different parts of the USA and have since become great friends and continue to be an important part of my photographic journey.   It was held on the site of a Carmelite nunnery which was kinda cool, and a travel experience to be savoured and treasured!

It is a new moon tonight.  Where will you be?  Will the passing of time for this new moon be memorable for you?

Carmelite Monastery Cross

“Immaculate Heart of Mary Seminary Cross”    © Sue Thomson 2011

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Ruby In The Landscape – The Non Musical Kelpie

The Musical Fence

“The Non Musical Kelpie”   © Sue Thomson 2013

Ruby had no interest in learning to play the musical instruments at Winton.

She did however, love the wide open spaces and red dust of ‘jump up’ country.  Winton is a unique outback Queensland town, located approximately 1500 kilometres from Brisbane.

The Musical Fence was designed by percussionist and composer Graeme Leak and is a wire fence that can be played as a musical instrument.  It is possibly the first permanent musical fence installation in the world.

Ruby, an Australian Kelpie, is now seven months old and is loving urban life in Brisbane.

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A Little Gem – Torbanlea Picnic Races

As we gear up for one of the biggest races on the Australian horse racing calender, the Melbourne Cup, another little gem on the regional event calender is about to be held.

Approximately 240 km north of Brisbane, you will find a small town called Torbanlea which comes alive for their annual picnic races. If you have never been to a country race meeting, then you are in for a treat!   Torbanlea has it all, including horse-racing, fashions on the field, tug-o-war, wood chopping and shetland pony trotting races.  As the day goes on, the fillies get friskier!

Here are some of my images from 2011. Of note, the great Shane Webcke judged the fashions on the field.


“Fashions On The Field”     © Sue Thomson 2011


“The Distraction”     © Sue Thomson 2011


“Wood Saw Shane”     © Sue Thomson 2011


“The Little Jockey”     © Sue Thomson 2011


“Around The Bend”     © Sue Thomson 2011


“The Trainer”     © Sue Thomson 2011

This year the Torbanlea Picnic races will be held on 26 October 2013.

Torbanlea Picnic Races… race day by a country mile!

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The 4 am Traveller

There is a sense of belonging and camaraderie amongst highway travellers at 4am.  Whilst most people are still tucked up in their comfy bed, fishermen, truck drivers, tradies and shift workers, are already up and on their way to where they need to go.

For a photographer who loves capturing the beauty of a sunrise, early morning travel is part of the gig.   I load my camera gear and music the night before and just need to make a cup of coffee, grab little Ruby, and we are on our way.

I always feel comfortable heading north on the Pacific Highway towards the Sunshine Coast and perhaps the most hazardous part of the trip is navigating the odd early morning reveller walking home upon leaving the city.  It must be a long lonely walk home for those who didnt keep enough money for a cab fare!

You can plan, but you are at whim of mother nature, when it comes to putting on a jaw-dropping show of light at sunrise.  Yesterday, my heart sank as I saw the bank of clouds sitting low on the horizon because that usually means ho hum images!.   I do like to keep an open mind though as every sunrise is unique and provides different opportunities.  Here are a few that I like from yesterday at Coolum.


 “Sunrise at Coolum”    © Sue Thomson 2013


“A Wave Of Direction”    © Sue Thomson 2013


“Shimmer”    © Sue Thomson 2013

I love abstracts…..this is my favourite!


“Four”    © Sue Thomson 2013


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30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 1

The eminent Dr Seuss said: “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

I launched Getaway Images earlier this year so I could showcase and share my travel and landscape images from around the world.  I have been writing a travel blog for some time now, but I have to fess up, I think I really suck at writing.  The magic words haven’t been flowing as easy as I would like them to.  The original goal of the blog was to entertain, inspire others to travel to new places, or become familiar and rediscover and enjoy places close to home.

So far, I have attracted all of 11 followers.  I am sure though, that these fabulous 11 folk breathlessly await each of my posts.  My blogs have been sporadic, which is a big naughty in blogging world.  A big shout out and thank you to my followers for their support!

Social media is awash with a mass of interesting, but also time wasting information which screams for our attention in our busy time-poor lives.  I am just another mere traveller with stories to tell, pictures to see, and one of many trillions of bloggers in the world.

I have been wondering lately what it takes to stand out in the crowd and this is one of the reasons that I have signed up to the 30 Day Blog Challenge.  I am hoping it helps to inspire me to be a kick-butt blog writer and to help me make my blog one that you cant wait to arrive in your email box and read!

Secretly I also dream of being a full time traveller.  I would have no qualms of ditching the mortgage and the suburban home if I could find a way to travel the world and earn enough to get by and enjoy life.  My 20 minute train trip commuting to the city each day is filled with thoughts of “what if I could get off this treadmill and enjoy doing the things that I really love”.  I am sure that you may have had similar thoughts.

My Place2

“Somewhere In The World”   © Sue Thomson 2012

Now, getting back to the uber cool Dr Seuss……a lot of wisdom is found in his books that both children and adults enjoy and love.   “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes.  You can steer yourself, any direction you choose”.   And so I shall!

I wont be writing a blog each day and boring you senseless, but I do hope the challenge will provide an opportunity to learn and share new things and to get my blog singing like a canary.  I hope that you join me in the journey to awesomeness and enjoy the upcoming blogs.

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