Moeraki – A Magical Place

I have recently returned from a short trip to New Zealand and I had an awesome time.  One of the areas that I really wanted to see and photograph was the Moeraki Boulders which are on the coast south of Oamaru on the South Island.

The Moeraki boulders are huge sperical stones that are scattered over the beach.  They are not shaped by river or water, but apparently were formed in ancient sea floor sediments in a process similar to how oyster pearls are created.  Erosion of the cliffs has released the three tonne captive boulders which now lie in a jumble across the beach.


I have seen some amazing pictures of the boulders and was determined to try and photograph them my way.  I stayed three nights and every sunrise and sunset I was back at the beach during the ‘golden hour’ getting to know the boulders.


And getting to know the boulders I did….there was one which was like a plum pudding, one which was broken open, small smooth boulders, and one which had a really cool textured pattern all over it.


I stayed at the charming fishing fillage of Moeraki and during the day walked around the headland and was able to see plenty of New Zealand fur seals and other wildlife.  I have never seen so much kelp in my life!


It is always fun to meet people when you are travelling, and I really enjoyed the hospitality of the Wilson’s from the Gold Coast who treated me to a cup of tea and a boiled egg in their newly collected RV after my last sunrise shoot at Moeraki.  Fine dining atop the Moeraki cliffs indeed!

I have now posted a few of the images up on the Getaway Images website if you would like to take a look.